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Clinical Behavior of Oral Lichen Planus in Association with Candidiasis

Background: Both Oral Lichen Planus (OLP) and oral candidiasis may have a polymorphic clinical appearance, but they have different etiologies; the former is classified as an immune-mediated inflammatory disease, whereas the latter is a condition of infectious origin frequently caused by the fungus Candida spp.

Objective: To assess whether candidiasis infection influences the clinical behavior of OLP lesions.

Methods: We selected photographic findings and cytopathological exam results from 281 visits of 32 participants diagnosed with OLP at the oral diagnostic outpatient clinic. All the images were strictly analyzed, and the results were recorded in an Excel spreadsheet for subsequent statistical analysis using the SPSS 21.0 software.

Results: The correlation between exacerbation of OLP lesions and candida infection of the oral mucosa was confirmed. Correlation analysis showed that candidiasis alters the patterns of OLP lesions. Clinical exacerbation of the areas involved, greater extension, and greater clinical evidence were associated with the presence of candidiasis. Furthermore, the lesions tended to diminish after candidiasis was controlled, with more evidence of the reticular pattern of OLP.

Conclusion: Candidiasis infection alters the pattern of OLP lesions.


Felipe Baars de Miranda1*, Juliana Tristão Werneck 2, Eliane Pedra Dias 3, Adrianna Milagres 4, Lucio de Souza Gonçalves 5, Arley Silva Junior 6

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